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After the hilarious visit to the Upside Down Museum, we walk down the street and come across the 3D Museum. We are quite excited to find this place so near to the Upside Down Museum. Upon enquiring, this is not the 3D Museum, but  is the ‘Glow in the Dark 3D Museum’, to be exact. The place is owned by a different boss, the lady at the reception says. Anyway, we have not been to both the 3D Museum and this, so we decide to try this out. This will save us time and effort walking to the other museum.

Again, we get discounts with our MyKad. This time, the ladies at the booth just give me the discount without my MyKad. According to its promo, ‘The Dark Mansion’ as it is known, is  located at the centre of Georgetown, Penang, is the first and only 3D Glow in the Dark Museum in Malaysia. Dark Mansion is one of the most trendy modern art museums due to the incorporation of science and technology into arts and has become one of the new main attractions and a must-visit location in Penang. One step ahead from the 3D art painting technique which transforms 2-dimensional paintings into 3-dimensional images, Dark Mansion incorporates the glow in the dark effect into the paintings to make it unique. Apart from that, the artist applies special light effects to create day-to-night transition. Visitors can witness the change of the painting  and enjoy the same painting with two different modes.’

The paintings are the work of Edgar Müller. The artwork “Water and Fire” is definitely a new page of contemporary art! Edgar Müller, the ‘maestro madonnari’ (master street painter), brought 3-D illusion street painting to another level by incorporating technology into the art. When you first look at the painting, you will be impressed by the fascinating 3-D illusions, apart from its natural beauty. Be ready for a big surprise when the light changes! When we enter, there isn’t much to see, but then the lights are dimmed and there are ultraviolet lights and all other lighting that make the paintings suddenly stand out. The paintings, sceneries actually glow in the dark!. The paintings look 2 dimensional, but when the lighting is switched on, it becomes 3 dimensional!!.

I think there are a  few of Edgar Muller’s street paintings in Facebook. This place houses the world’s largest anamorphic glow-in-the-dark pavement painting with day-to-night transition effect! (That is, according to the marketing promo).

This is another photo taking opportunity. The staff are very polite and help us to take photos. As in the Upside Down Museum, they show us how to pose correctly so that the photos will turn out well. However, we are quite loss at times about the background or origin of the pieces. At times the staff do explain to us the meaning or objectives of the paintings or sets. The place is quite dark as there is a need to show the glowing paint more effectively. Personally, I find dark places a bit depressing. This in only my opinion.

There are all together 5 attractions in the venue. the first, as described above is MasterPiece of Edgar Müller.

The painting below is actually on the floor. it is called ‘fire and water’, and it depicts a waterfall in Canada ( I cannot recall the name).


George Town, Dark Mansion,

This is a flat painting. When the lights are turned on…..


Edgar Mullar, Penang

The same painting with another set of lights. Awesome. Art by Edgar Müller.

Mysterious Tropical Pandora

Explore the mysterious tropical forest with the glow-in-the-dark effect. Witness the metamorphosis of plants into special living creatures in seconds…

mystical pandora, Dark Mansion, Penang,

In the tropical forest at night.

This also incorporates under the sea sceneries.

Dark Mansion, under the sea, George Town,

In Neptune’s territory..

The Infinity Room

Walk on the endless glowing bridge and indulge in the breathtaking atmosphere where the sky is covered with glittering creatures…

Infinity Room. Loads of butterflies.

Stars & Moonlight

Stargaze on the moon! Enjoy the beauty of the starry night and have a date with your   Zodiac Constellation sign…

Penang, Dark Museum,

When I wish upon a star…

My Toy Story

We do not stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. Wait no more and unleash your inner child!

The is the most fun part as we get to pose and do all manner of silly things.

Penang, 3D , Glow in the dark,

We are climbing a giant Rubik’s Cube!!

Penang, Glow in the dark museum,

Throwing a fire-ball!!









Cat, 3D, Penang,

Aarrgggh! I am being chased by a BIG cat.

Penang, hawker, food, D

Me, the Super-duper char kway teow lady.

























So as you can see, it is better for the photos to do the talking!

We really had a good time, trying all the different posses while listening to the staff explaining the story behind the sets.

Verdict: it is a good place to visit. It is best to spend a few hours in here.

For more info, visit: Dark Mansion Penang.

 So until then, I wish you good health and connect again soon.

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Penang Lassie.

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