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Low Calorie Papaya and Crab Stick Lunch

Moving Around Yangon -2

Today we are going to explore Yangon again before we head off to Bagan. We have breakfast in a food court, like the ones we have in Malaysia and Singapore.  There are stalls serving all sorts of food in the Morning Star Food Centre. I order curry mee or curry noodles which comes with thicker […]

Penang Street Food – Food You Must Try When You are in Penang

After spending my time in the mainland, I went to Penang Island. In the morning we went to the Jelutong Morning market. This is a typical morning market where there are stalls selling food, like vegetables, meat, fish, poultry and everyday essentials. There are also shops selling all sorts of goods and coffee shops selling […]

Zoodles or Zero Point Noodles

  I have been zoodling for many months now. I have tried quite a few types of vegetables like carrot, zucchini, cucumber, sweet potatoes, etc. Zoodles here means no points noodles. The points here refers to  Weight-Watchers smart points. This means that eating this vegetable noodles does not add to your daily points allowance. I […]

Lazy Lassie’s 3-in-1 Breakie

Penang by night

Uncle Sam has 4th of July, Penang has 7th of July

Georgetowm Heritage Day 4th of July is the American Independence day. Malaysia’s Independence day is on 31st August.  7th July is Penang Heritage Day. On this day, Penang was recognised as a UNESCO Heritage site. Or rather Georgetown, the capital of Penang was declared as a UNESCO HERITAGE SITE There will be events held to […]

Savoury Muffins

Mushroom Mug Omellete

    Mushroom Mug Omelette   This is another version of Mug cakes. I made mug omelette with mixed frozen vegetables before. As I have some left over open cup mushroom in the fridge, I decided to give this mug cake/ savoury thing another go. It has only 3 ingredients (excluding the seasoning, of course). […]

Mug Omelette

  Mug Omelette Hungry?  In a hurry?  Need something really  healthy? Here is the answer – Mug Omelette! I tried making cakes in mugs before and since I am more of a savoury person, it would be nice to make savoury, low pro-points and quick snacks. So here is my recipe for a quickie lunch, […]

#Recipeoftheday Seri Kaya or Egg Jam

Easy and Heathly Breakfast

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