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Share My Food! My 1st Supper Club Dinner

Oodles of Noodles – How to Find Good and Cheap Food in Penang Part 3

#Easter Eggs Nests Chinese Style.

Easter eggs in nests – Chinese style. I have been planning to post this since last week. The trouble is that: 1) I had some problem making the little nests. I thought I should use sweet potato strips to make the nests as it would give a nice brownish colour. However after a few attempts, I […]

#Chicken and #Pumpkin Quick Stew

It is seasonal cooking again!! Actually this easy stew was originally cooked with Taro – a type of Oriental yam. I used pumpkin instead as yam is hard to come across in where I live. Instead of pumpkin, I used the one that is easily available all year round – the butternut squash. Butternut squash […]

Chicken and Cranberry Baked Rice

Are you suffering from left-over hang 0ver?   Well, I was, after Christmas!! I find it boring to eat too much left-overs, or too much of the same thing in consecutive days. We had turkey for Christmas and all the stuffing and trimmings. I did not prepare it, my other half did and all were shop […]

Lazy day #takeaway

Or Bak (Black Cooked Meat)

Pan Fried Belacan Chicken with Capers, Lemon and Garlic

Pan Fried Belacan Chicken with Capers, Lemon and Garlic   I had this idea when I was researching for new recipes. I came across some dishes that use anchovies. Well, I have replaced anchovies with belacan before. I cooked a stuffed pepper dish by Delia Smith and I replaced the anchovies with belacan and it […]

Pan Fried Honey Mustard Chicken

Pan Fried Mustard Honey Mustard Chicken The idea for this recipe came out of seeing many ready prepared meals- chicken with honey and mustard sauce or seasoning. So I decided to try this out. I pan fried the chicken fillets instead of baking the chicken (usually thighs, as in ready meals). It turned out quick […]

Stewed Chicken with Dried Shiitake Mushrooms and Red Dates

#Recipe of the day: Home-made Burgers with Roasted ‘Froots’

Char Siew Chicken Wings and Pork

Rice Porridge or Congee

Fried Left-over Pork and Chicken for Love Food Hate Waste Class

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