Butternut Squash Dropped Fritters or Pancakes. Gluten-free

#Easter Eggs Nests Chinese Style.

Easter eggs in nests – Chinese style. I have been planning to post this since last week. The trouble is that: 1) I had some problem making the little nests. I thought I should use sweet potato strips to make the nests as it would give a nice brownish colour. However after a few attempts, I […]

Dried Prawns Fried Rice

Yorkshire Pudding

Last week in my Wellness programme in the Community House, we made Yorkshire pudding. The week before, we were discussing how we can eat more healthily and cheaply without compromising on taste and nutrition. Since I was the only person that is not of English heritage, the group was happy to show me how to […]

Steamed Pork Custard

You Probably Have Not Tasted This Forgotten Penang Nyonya Dish!!

There are many recipes that have lost their way. Sometimes food that we used to enjoy while we were young are no longer around. This happens as things change, we move forward embracing changes to our life-styles, our cultures cross pollinate, old habits die and new inventions make our life better. Sometimes we forget our […]

My Almost Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies

My Almost Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies. Well, as promised, this is my chocolate chip cookies. I have tried many times and it turns out great. If you are allergic to nuts, then  you can omit them. I used up all my left-over nuts from my various recipes. It turned out just as nice. For your […]

Getting Ready For Chinese New Year

Now that the Christmas and the New Year festivities are over, and extra pounds somehow lodge itself to our bodies, it is now time to prepare for another festival. This time it is Chinese New Year. In fact I have started to do my shopping for my cake and cookies ingredients. This year I plan […]

Mini Steamed Chocolate Cake

Savoury Muffins

Mushroom Mug Omellete

    Mushroom Mug Omelette   This is another version of Mug cakes. I made mug omelette with mixed frozen vegetables before. As I have some left over open cup mushroom in the fridge, I decided to give this mug cake/ savoury thing another go. It has only 3 ingredients (excluding the seasoning, of course). […]

Pandan Chiffon Cake

Tahu Telur – Indonesian Tofu Omelette

      Tahu Telur – Indonesian Tofu Omelette ( Lean Version) I first came across this in Singapore. A friend of mine took me to an Indonesian Restaurant and we ordered this. It was absolutely lovely. The omelette was soft and the sauces went well with it. I encountered it several times later. Once was in […]

Mug Omelette

  Mug Omelette Hungry?  In a hurry?  Need something really  healthy? Here is the answer – Mug Omelette! I tried making cakes in mugs before and since I am more of a savoury person, it would be nice to make savoury, low pro-points and quick snacks. So here is my recipe for a quickie lunch, […]

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