Shrove Tuesday, Pancake day!

Chinese New Year Almond Cookies

Linoncello Biscuits

LIMONCELLO BISCUITS I bought some limoncello some time ago and I remembered that I should use it up. I tried having limoncello with coffee after dinner in an Italian restaurant and I absolutely loved it. So now I have a bottle of it and I want to do something with it, rather than just drink […]

Coconut Pancake Roll – Ketayap

   Coconut Pancake Roll or Kueh Ketayap  An easy to make pancake full of tropical flavours!! Coconut pancake roll, or kueh ketayap is a traditional Nyonya and Malay snack. I first made this kueh ( local cake) when I was in school. We started having  home science class when we were in Form I and this was […]

Yorkshire Pudding

Last week in my Wellness programme in the Community House, we made Yorkshire pudding. The week before, we were discussing how we can eat more healthily and cheaply without compromising on taste and nutrition. Since I was the only person that is not of English heritage, the group was happy to show me how to […]

Sweet Potato Doughnut or Kuih Keria – no proofing required.


My Almost Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies

My Almost Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies. Well, as promised, this is my chocolate chip cookies. I have tried many times and it turns out great. If you are allergic to nuts, then  you can omit them. I used up all my left-over nuts from my various recipes. It turned out just as nice. For your […]

Mini Steamed Chocolate Cake

Pandan Chiffon Cake

#ChineseNewYearFare KUEH BULU

#ChineseNewYearFare Peanut Cookies

Peanut Cookies Peanut Cookies are a perennial favourite. Most families would make this for Chinese New Year. It is simple and uses 3 main ingredients – peanuts, sugar and flour. How long it takes you to make depends on the size of your cookies. The smaller the cookies, the longer time you take to roll  the balls. The bigger […]

My (Mis)Adventure to the Moon (cakes)


 MEXICO BUN Mexico Bun is a type of sweet bun topped with a layer of sweet coffee topping. It was made by a bakery called ‘Rotiboy’ in Malaysia. It was very popular and I remembered having a waft of the fragrant coffee smell permeating through the bakery section in the Petronas Twin Tower Shopping Centre […]

How to eat a Puffin!

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