Tamarind Spare-Ribs

    Tamarind Spare Ribs I have a tamarind recipe for chicken, which is a very old hand-me-down recipe. So now I am coming up with a spare ribs recipe with tamarind sauce. This is delicious eaten with rice and some freshly cooked vegetables. It looks deceptively long to cook, but, you only simmer it […]

Red Cooked Pork Belly (Hong Shao Rou) (Ang Sio Bak)

Peanut Tang Yuan, Kuih Ee

Oriental Spicy #Chicken #Quick Stew

#Chicken and #Pumpkin Quick Stew

It is seasonal cooking again!! Actually this easy stew was originally cooked with Taro – a type of Oriental yam. I used pumpkin instead as yam is hard to come across in where I live. Instead of pumpkin, I used the one that is easily available all year round – the butternut squash. Butternut squash […]

Lion’s Head

Fried Left-over Pork and Chicken for Love Food Hate Waste Class

Wait!! Chinese New Year is not over yet! Braised Turkey/Chicken

Chinese New Year Fare: Boxing Chicken

How to eat a Puffin!

Vietnamese Chicken

 Vietnamese Chicken I had tasted different versions of Vietnamese chicken before. But the one that I liked was while living in Subang Jaya was the one in the Vietnamese Restaurant in called – what else,  Vietnamese Kitchen. Here is my version. Serves:         4-6 with rice and vegetables Prep time:    15 […]

Sweet and Sour Crabs

Ayam Percik – Grilled Chicken Kelantan Style

Barbecue 5-Spice Chicken

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