Linoncello Biscuits

LIMONCELLO BISCUITS I bought some limoncello some time ago and I remembered that I should use it up. I tried having limoncello with coffee after dinner in an Italian restaurant and I absolutely loved it. So now I have a bottle of it and I want to do something with it, rather than just drink […]

Dinner @ The Oak Room, Moor Hall Hotel & Spa

We recently had dinner at the Oak Room, Moor Hall Hotel & Spa (Sutton Coldfield). The restaurant was near where my brother-in-law lives. So we decided to have dinner there, just the 4 of us. When we went there, upon entering the premise, we could tell that this is an upmarket place with many facilities.  We went […]

Pan Fried Belacan Chicken with Capers, Lemon and Garlic

Pan Fried Belacan Chicken with Capers, Lemon and Garlic   I had this idea when I was researching for new recipes. I came across some dishes that use anchovies. Well, I have replaced anchovies with belacan before. I cooked a stuffed pepper dish by Delia Smith and I replaced the anchovies with belacan and it […]

#ChineseNewYearFare Health and Prosperity Prawns

This dish is in response to the Butter Prawns that is so well-loved by all in Malaysia. Butter Prawns is loaded with calories. The prawns are deep-fried first, and the rest of the ingredients are fried in lots of butter and oil.  Eggs are used to make the crispy bits and  the whole lot is dunked […]

Home Made Blackberry Jam

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