My Kuih EE (Tang Yuan) Has Morphed!!

The First Day of Winter: Winter Solstice 2017 Winter Solstice Date, Facts, Folklore, and More Winter Solstice is coming, Winter officially begins with the Winter Solstice on Thursday, December 21, 2017. This is the astronomical first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere.  When is the Winter Solstice? The winter solstice is the day with the fewest […]

A Very Veggie Dinner – WeFiFo

Last week, I decided to host a vegetarian dinner. Since quite a few of my friend and acquaintances are now vegetarians, I thought it would be a good idea. I do like to try vegetarian food as it is a change from the normal. The vegetarian food that I am serving is Chinese style vegetarian food […]

Share My Food! My 1st Supper Club Dinner

Places To Visit In Penang

Hi there again. There are many places to visit in Penang. The beaches are one of them. Touristy places include Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, The Botanical Garden, The Funicular Rail, The Reclining Buddha in Pulau Tikus, the Snake Temple and lots more. Oh, and don’t forget the street food which I have been bragging about […]

Oodles of Noodles – How to Find Good and Cheap Food in Penang Part 3

Penang Nyonya Bak Chang (Rice Dumpling)

Nyonya Bak Chang Nyonya Sweet and Salty Rice Dumplings The Dumpling Festival is approaching. It falls on the 5th day of the 5th Lunar month of the Chinese calendar. This year it falls on 30th May . The Dumpling Festival has a legend behind it. The story goes like this… … Once upon a time, […]

#Easter Eggs Nests Chinese Style.

Easter eggs in nests – Chinese style. I have been planning to post this since last week. The trouble is that: 1) I had some problem making the little nests. I thought I should use sweet potato strips to make the nests as it would give a nice brownish colour. However after a few attempts, I […]

Peanut Tang Yuan, Kuih Ee

Oriental Spicy #Chicken #Quick Stew

Coconut Pancake Roll – Ketayap

   Coconut Pancake Roll or Kueh Ketayap  An easy to make pancake full of tropical flavours!! Coconut pancake roll, or kueh ketayap is a traditional Nyonya and Malay snack. I first made this kueh ( local cake) when I was in school. We started having  home science class when we were in Form I and this was […]

Dried Prawns Fried Rice

#Chicken and #Pumpkin Quick Stew

It is seasonal cooking again!! Actually this easy stew was originally cooked with Taro – a type of Oriental yam. I used pumpkin instead as yam is hard to come across in where I live. Instead of pumpkin, I used the one that is easily available all year round – the butternut squash. Butternut squash […]

Steamed Pork Custard

Let’s get seasonal, seasonal. Aubergine or Egg-Plant

Easy Rojak Aubergine/Egg-Plant. I have been dabbling with many different types of ingredients here in this country. I must admit I am not as adventurous  as I want to be. In this time of the year autumnal fruits and vegetables are in season. Aubergine or egg-plant is in season now. I am pretty sure aubergines […]

You Probably Have Not Tasted This Forgotten Penang Nyonya Dish!!

There are many recipes that have lost their way. Sometimes food that we used to enjoy while we were young are no longer around. This happens as things change, we move forward embracing changes to our life-styles, our cultures cross pollinate, old habits die and new inventions make our life better. Sometimes we forget our […]

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