The Windmill @ Brascote, Leicestershire

The Windmill is an established restaurant in this area. It used to serve wholesome, family style food. There was a change of management and the restaurant was updated. Updated, as in that there was a revamped of the interior – a total make over, as well as the menu. We have been patronising the Windmill […]

Chinese New Year Fare: Pineapple Jam Tart

Pineapple Jam Tart is a popular tart enjoyed by all Malaysians. It is made of  real pineapple jam, ie, jam that is full of the fruit. The jam, the recipe that was  posted earlier, is an authentic jam packed full of only pineapples and nothing else. It is originally a Malay speciality but it is […]

Pineapple Jam – for Making Pineapple Tart

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