Tamarind Spare-Ribs

    Tamarind Spare Ribs I have a tamarind recipe for chicken, which is a very old hand-me-down recipe. So now I am coming up with a spare ribs recipe with tamarind sauce. This is delicious eaten with rice and some freshly cooked vegetables. It looks deceptively long to cook, but, you only simmer it […]

Penang Nyonya Bak Chang (Rice Dumpling)

Nyonya Bak Chang Nyonya Sweet and Salty Rice Dumplings The Dumpling Festival is approaching. It falls on the 5th day of the 5th Lunar month of the Chinese calendar. This year it falls on 30th May . The Dumpling Festival has a legend behind it. The story goes like this… … Once upon a time, […]

Lion’s Head

Steamed Pork Custard

Penang by night

Pork With Roasted Vegetables and Quinoa

Lazy day #takeaway

Or Bak (Black Cooked Meat)

Chinese Roast Pork

Community Cooks Winner – Best Recipe for Left-over Meat

#Recipeoftheday Baked Mustard Spare Ribs

#Recipeoftheday: Stir Fried Pork with Leeks

Love Food Hate Waste Left-over Recipe is a Winner!

Pork with Yam – Khau Yoke (Crock Pot Recipe)

Pork with Yam – Woo Thau Khau Yoke  Pork with Yam is another famous Hakka dish. My last pork recipe and is also known as Khau Yoke. The star ingredient is the pork and it is sort of braised. Instead of using preserved vegetable, this one uses YAM  or Taro.  This is a root vegetable that has a tough leathery, […]

#Recipe of the day: Home-made Burgers with Roasted ‘Froots’

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