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#Easter Eggs Nests Chinese Style.

Easter eggs in nests – Chinese style. I have been planning to post this since last week. The trouble is that: 1) I had some problem making the little nests. I thought I should use sweet potato strips to make the nests as it would give a nice brownish colour. However after a few attempts, I […]

Have you been to Kensington Roof Gardens, London?

  On my recent trip to London, I intended to have a lazy weekend. However my niece told me that her mother-in-law suggested to her a ‘trail’ which was really good for children. My niece took her advice and went on this trail with her friend and  young daughter. The little girl enjoyed herself with […]

Have you visited a Durian Farm in Penang?

#Easy Kimchi Burger

# Summer #Fishing in Cornwall

#Summer Holiday : #Padstow and Truro. #Rick Stein

  My adventure continues… In the tour there were some optional tours that we can go to. However, the optionals were only announced on the day in the bus  on Saturday. It was a bit confusing. The bus driver was describing the tours and I had a hard time understanding him. It is not that he spoke badly, it was just me. […]

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