Tamarind Spare-Ribs

    Tamarind Spare Ribs I have a tamarind recipe for chicken, which is a very old hand-me-down recipe. So now I am coming up with a spare ribs recipe with tamarind sauce. This is delicious eaten with rice and some freshly cooked vegetables. It looks deceptively long to cook, but, you only simmer it […]

You Probably Have Not Tasted This Forgotten Penang Nyonya Dish!!

There are many recipes that have lost their way. Sometimes food that we used to enjoy while we were young are no longer around. This happens as things change, we move forward embracing changes to our life-styles, our cultures cross pollinate, old habits die and new inventions make our life better. Sometimes we forget our […]

#Recipeoftheday Baked Mustard Spare Ribs

Fish Curry

Fish curry is one of our favourite dishes. Back home in my hometown, we cook our own fish curry. Sometimes we buy fish curry from the stalls. The curry is ‘Mamak’ style, i.e., Indian Muslim style. Nyonya fish curry has tamarind as well as coconut milk. The fish is usually a firm fleshed fish, and […]

Assam Prawns

Ayam Percik – Grilled Chicken Kelantan Style

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