Wonton Cups – What You Can Do With Left-overs

Shan Tofu aka Burmese Tofu

No Strings Attached Beans aka Sichuan Style Vegetarian Beans

Sichuan Style Vegetarian Beans also known as ‘No Strings Attached Beans’ This is an easy and healthy alternative to the original Sichuan dish in which the beans or aubergine is deep-fried before cooking with the rest of the ingredients. I boiled the beans instead of frying in oil. So you can consume this without guilt! […]

A Very Veggie Dinner – WeFiFo

Last week, I decided to host a vegetarian dinner. Since quite a few of my friend and acquaintances are now vegetarians, I thought it would be a good idea. I do like to try vegetarian food as it is a change from the normal. The vegetarian food that I am serving is Chinese style vegetarian food […]

Roasted Cauli – the Veggie in Me.

Well, due to the excess vegetables from the ‘vegetable pagoda’ on  the East Midlands Inspirational Day, I had with me a head of cauliflower, some tomatoes, onions and some other vegetable. So I have to come up with some ideas to use them all as soon as possible. However, I had a lot of food left in the fridge. So […]

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