Wonton Cups – What You Can Do With Left-overs

Oodles of Noodles – How to Find Good and Cheap Food in Penang Part 3

How to get Good and Cheap Food in Penang – Part 1

Continuing my Penang holidays; on the third day of CNY, we decided to go to Penang Design Village. This is a newish development featuring discount designer goods. One can get a good and cheap deal on designer stuff, great for stingy Penangites. It is located in Batu Kawan, in the main land, or Seberang Perai; […]

Roasted Cauli – the Veggie in Me.

Well, due to the excess vegetables from the ‘vegetable pagoda’ on  the East Midlands Inspirational Day, I had with me a head of cauliflower, some tomatoes, onions and some other vegetable. So I have to come up with some ideas to use them all as soon as possible. However, I had a lot of food left in the fridge. So […]

Borough Market, London

Savoury Muffins

Mug Omelette

  Mug Omelette Hungry?  In a hurry?  Need something really  healthy? Here is the answer – Mug Omelette! I tried making cakes in mugs before and since I am more of a savoury person, it would be nice to make savoury, low pro-points and quick snacks. So here is my recipe for a quickie lunch, […]

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